Rewarding YOU For Your Twitter History With Token Allocation

July 4th, 2022 marks the day Operation Freebird goes live, the largest airdrop in crypto history, as we attempt to free our digital nation from tyranny. It can be remembered as the day that WE THE PEOPLE came together to support a decentralized and user-owned internet.

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The revolution crypto was always meant to be.

We are bringing the inevitable future forward in time,  kickstarting the new digital age of ownership, transparency, and freedom that blockchain technology has been been growing in capability to handle.

We forged a new Constitution to free our digital nation, signed by US on the blockchain.

Are 400 million not more powerful than one? That's why we are conducting the largest crypto onboarding event in history, rewarding you and every Twitter user with $FreeBird tokens.

Say NO To Taxation
And YES To Representation.

We are here to reward the users who make the platform what it is. With your tokens you will be able to cast votes on the future of Web 3 Twitter directly from the app. Your $FreeBird tokens act as voting rights in this new digitized democracy.

Download The DECENTRELON App on IOS and Google Play To Claim.

The DECENTRELON app is the first crypto wallet to have built a built in governance panel. Owners of $Freebird tokens will get notifications when new proposals go live that they can vote on, or they can defer their vote to their favorite party.

Send or request cryptocurrency with any other Twitter user immediately and get rewarded for inviting them.

A community owned platform means creating a platform that truly benefits its users. We see a future in which WE decide, and WE benefit. Rather than being extracted by private parties with their own agendas.

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The Future Of Twitter Is On Chain

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Launching July 4th, Secure Your Digital Username and claim your tokens.

The early bird gets the worm, as the supply drains claim multiples will slowly decrease in order to prevent against botnets that will try to abuse the system.

Decentrelon Roadmap

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Decentrelon app launch - Fully functional cryptocurrency wallet (IOS / Google Play)

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Token will act as a governance token for Decentrelon, and future utility will be based on community proposals and initiatives

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All current Twitter users can claim $Decentrelon allocation and ownership over Twitter username

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$Decentrelon holders will be able to vote on future ownership of the new decentralized platform. At this time, the community fully drives the future of Decentrelon.

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Decentrelon treasury can be leveraged by community to acquire Twitter, fund development of a new decentralized platform, or complete any other mission proposed and voted on by $Decentrelon holders

DECENTRELON is the largest airdrop and crypto onboarding event ever done. Every Twitter user who signed up before May 2022 is able to participate.